Our Beliefs

National Traditionalism is an ideology that considers itself to not be on the political “right” or “left,” but rather a forward-looking doctrine. The National Traditionalist resolves all political manners by looking at what is best for “the State.” By State, we are referring to the organic and spiritual embodiment of the people who make up a nation (often, but not always, categorized as an ethnic group). Before any government can arise, a State must first be present to create it. For example, the State of America did not spontaneously develop in 1776 when the declaration of independence was signed. Prior to the official founding of the US or any governing system, there existed the American State – a unique peoples with their own lifestyles, beliefs, culture, traditions, language (in this case dialect). It was the American people, different than the British people, who created America. The sole reason there was an American revolution is because the American State and the British State were different; and therefore, no governing system could adequately rule over both States.

Now that we understand the concept of State, we can now understand how to organize government in the most appropriate way. Indeed, there is only one appropriate way to organize the government, and that is to serve the State, only the State, and no one else but the State. We do not believe in giving handouts to other nations before helping our own people. 

The question for all public policy should come down to two questions:

  1. Is it good for the State?

  2. Is it morally permissible?

The communists fail to operate a civil nation because they believe people are inherently good and are generally smart. They may argue that without the capitalist restraints on society, people would be free to work as they please and we could share resources fairly. The Democrat, by which we mean someone who supports the idea of universal or near-universal suffrage, believes people are not inherently good but does believe people are generally smart enough to know what’s best for their country. A National Traditionalist acknowledges the fact that people are neither inherently good nor smart enough to run a country, and because of this, builds a realistic worldview that accounts for the true nature of man. 

Our Positions

The standards of morality, justice, logic, truth, and meaning all come from Christianity. Many other religions, all of which are man-made, come short of constantly applying these standards. It is with Christianity that we have the most solid foundation on which to build our civilization. 

Freemasonry engages in secretive and internationalist activities which we full-heartedly reject. Freemasonry is famously defined by its egalitarian characteristics which push firmly for the implantation of liberalism in societies across the globe. These political ambitions of Freemasons undermine the American State. For this reason, we would like to see Freemasonry outlawed in America and their temples destroyed. 

Yes. We do not believe that the government should compel anyone to believe in Christianity or any other faith; complete freedom of religion would be permissible but there must always be respect for the traditional religious beliefs and practices that are inherent in the American State. This would mean that no special accommodations would be made for those who wish to practice foreign religions. For example, National Traditionalists do not believe in giving days off work for Islamic holidays since America is not an Islamic nation. Muslims would still have the right to worship freely and benefit from the same protection under the law that all other citizens have, but no special accommodations, on account of their foreign faith, will be assumed.

We believe that America should only permit entry to immigrants who are in, or identical to, the American State. Immigration should be something done on a case-by-case basis, examining the merits of each individual applicant. A short answer would be: if they look like us, act like us, and think like us while having something of value that serves our national interests; then they may be considered entry. We believe that, although rare, there does exist spiritual Americans in other nations, primarily Western countries, that are indiscriminate to the American State in how they look, think (values, cognitive level, etc.), and act (behavioral patterns, temperament, work-ethic, etc.) and these people would be the prime applicants for immigration.

It doesn’t matter if the cat is Black or White, so long as it catches mice. Regardless of what name we take, our economic system must ultimately serve the best interest of the American State, not the other way around. We think that the current economic system in America often works against the best interest of the American people, while our elites argue we must have Capitalism at any cost. Whether it’s unhealthy but addicting food, pornography, or degenerate music that glorifies rape, murder, and drug use, National Traditionalists stand firmly against such a system that poisons the minds of our people for the sake of material gain for few. Conversely, we understand the practical limitations of a socialist system and acknowledge that higher taxes, more public assistance, and other universal benefits can quickly collapse an economy. What National Traditionalists seek is a balance between a practically working economy and a moral nation that has not been polluted by ruthless market practices. We seek to put the middle-class first and, for this reason, advocate for immigration and outsourcing restrictions and small business incentives, among other practices, to not only help our economy but our people. 

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