UT Abortion

Abortion Tutorials in College Groupchats

On May 2, 2022, the Supreme Court had a document leak that suggested Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood would be overturned. Throughout the following weeks, the National Traditionalist Movement had conservative sources monitoring the response in official University of Texas (UT) group chats. The following conservation found in the screenshots below may disturb you. 

Directly following the Supreme Court leak, students in the UT ‘24 GroupMe began seething over the fact that child sacrifice was no longer considered a constitutionally protected right. User Byron Xu initially broke the news by adding “rip to roe v wade,” accompanied by Julianna Valle, Amanda Garcia, Daria Deeds, and Elena L expressing their disapproval.   

After the cryfest was over, the conversation promptly moved to how to protest this decision. Maryan Z shared advice with the group about how to evade police investigations. When a member of the group asked how she could be in legal trouble if she remained peaceful, Rebecca Hoffmann and Yilana Roland gracefully added, “its cuz acab (all cops are b*****ds)” and “Cops are d**ks babe that’s why,” respectively. Most alarming were the messages from Junaid Maryam, who other group members perceived to be making threats to anyone who attended future protests, stating, “for those going to the protests, don’t take identifying pictures of the protestors, especially minorities. There will be repercussions… don’t forget the summer of 2020.” Challenged by having to stay focused, Junaid stopped pretending to be a political revolutionary to inform the chat of a cookie sale on campus.

Unfortunately, there is still more to come from the UT ‘24 chat, specifically from the user Sammy (they/she). This user shared an article describing how to give oneself a “self-managed abortion” from a particular demonic website entitled “onlineabortionresources.org.” The entire website reads like something you would expect to hear during an international criminal tribunal, yet this is happening today in America, orchestrated by our ruling class and imposed ruthlessly onto our people. In addition to the self-inflicted abortion tutorial shared by Sammy,  she had also shared a guide on hiding your pregnancy and abortions from others, linking to https://digitaldefensefund.org/ddf-guides/abortion-privacy.

This article represents the emerging thoughts of college students in America today. Even in states people often consider Conservative, such as Texas, universities are often breeding grounds for radical left-wing ideas. These ideas are no longer over topics such as pronouns and environmental concerns but have moved into a much more serious realm, to the point where students are sharing information on how to abort their own children with one another. It’s unimaginable to consider a parent could send their daughter to college where if she became pregnant with her first child, her classmates could groom her into believing she should abort her child, teach her methods of hiding her pregnancy from her friends and family, and even show her how to give herself an illegal self-induced abortion.

Authored by: AJ Willms