Is Globalism Contributing to Crime?

A massacre in a New York subway took place on April 12th, where at least 29 people were injured, and it seems to have been carried out by Frank R. James (F.R. James). James has been vocal about his hatred of White people on YouTube, blaming them for the Holocaust, among other things, where his account has since been terminated. This article will look at globalism’s contribution to crime and how its forceful importation and amalgamating of different people around the globe have destroyed our European and American towns and cities.

Unfortunately, cases like what transpired in New York City are all too similar across Western civilization. Other cases include F.R. James and Darrell Edward Brooks, who espoused anti-White hatred before violently running over a crowd of White pedestrians at a Christmas parade while speeding his vehicle through the crowds. It was later revealed that Brooks was released on bail just days before he decided to take those innocent people’s lives. We have to ask ourselves, why does this keep happening, and will this become more frequent?

The message is clear: they will turn a blind eye to anti-White violence. Globalist-backed entities like The Bail Project,” headed by CEO Robin Steinberg, who aims to make sure people like James or Brooks will have countless opportunities to destroy and harm the communities are families have spent their lives creating.

The anti-white messages have trickled down from our globalist elite who have business interests in TV, film, music, and media in which they utilize their celebrity assets to make their narrative more acceptable and popularized. “Empire” star Jussie Smollett lied that he was attacked by White men; the mainstream media treasured this alleged hate crime that took place. However, after it was revealed that the entire “attack” was a hoax, the story fell on deaf ears.

The youth are the primary demographic who consume their media through watching their shows, listening to their music, and going to watch their films in theaters. It shouldn’t be any surprise that young people have been indoctrinated with this anti-White messaging and have even put it into action. Take, for example, five Florida middle school students who were arrested for assaulting White students on March 11th whilst shouting “Brown Power.” Globalism promotes the idea that this is just and acceptable behavior.

Our Globalists, who travel from New York to London and Paris, are keen to transmit the unpleasant experiences that New Yorkers are now faced with to all of Europe. There are many ethnic groups in Europe that are native to the land, such as Slavs or Greeks, but even with dozens of different ethnic groups, languages, and cultures, it’s still not considered “diverse enough” according to our parasitic globalists.

Sweden’s rape crisis has largely gone under the radar but has incomprehensively increased since the rise in immigration and the refugee situation. According to Crime Prevention Council, immigrant men make up 60% of rapes in Sweden, of which 34.5% among those were Middle Eastern or North African, while 19% were African. The Globalists are not concerned about who enters Sweden, England, or Canada, as long as these countries are “diverse” and sow enough division to keep the European people distracted from who is really in control and what they are doing.  

It is safe to say that globalism and the people behind it are a danger to your nation, your community, and your very household, along with those you love. It is important to keep the moral standards of your nation and community high; this is how the globalists implement their model when nobody thinks it is worth fighting for.

Authored by: Owen Flanagan