Last week, a young girl was brutally murdered in France. Her murder wasn’t any ordinary murder. Her remains were discovered in a suitcase in Paris. Her throat was slit, she suffered from cervical compression, and she was hog-tied, dying of asphyxia. Her body was dumped in a plastic trunk. It was later revealed that one of the murder suspects was an Algerian immigrant, a foreigner who was under orders to leave France.

This murder, this crime committed by animals, was 100% preventable. These Algerian immigrants weren’t born in France; they were allowed in. It was the French government who has allowed the radical transformation of their nation to take place, wherein they have replaced the native French population with foreign peoples. The young girl who was murdered in France, her name was Lola. The difference between her and foreign murderers is everything. They have nothing in common. Lola was a sweet, innocent young French girl with a bright future ahead of her. These foreign criminals are nasty, ungodly, and murderers.

We believe that immigration to our nation should focus on those who are identical and, therefore, compatible with our society. To maintain and create a harmonious society, immigrants must assimilate to the extent that they act like us, think like us, and add value to our society to further our national interests. It’s in the national interests of any nation, especially us or any other Western nation, to make sure that immigrants have the same values, behaviors, temperament, and work ethic, among other things. It is certainly not in any nation’s best interest to bring in hoards of unvetted migrants from underdeveloped nations who proceed to commit the most heinous acts imaginable. 

We can no longer afford to allow millions upon millions of people into our nations who have no compatibility with our existing society. This lack of compatibility and similarity will always result in negative consequences. Some of these consequences may result in situations as tragic as we’ve seen in France. How many more times must this happen before we “decide enough is enough?” For the sake of these murders not being left in cold blood, it is important we take necessary action to preserve and defend our homeland.

Join us in defending our nation.

Authored by: Jerry Lannister