Our corporate media has unilaterally shifted its focus to introduce the new “we’re all going to die!” narrative. Not long ago, COVID-19 was the largest story being pushed in America, which was quickly replaced by George Floyd’s death and BLM riots, then back to COVID-19 to justify the non-FDA approved vaccines developed with aborted fetal tissue. Now, once again, we’re seeing the media shift its focus onto Russia and Vladimir Putin. 

The National Traditionalist perspective on the recent Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been that we do not support either side but hope this war will come to a decisive conclusion to prevent any more unnecessary deaths of European people. With this said, we also recognize that the US government should not be taking either side and becoming involved in a conflict between two European nations. Frankly, we should be addressing the invasion of our own nation happening on our Southern border before we even think of taking positions on the invasions of other nations on other continents. 

Unfortunately, logic and reason are completely lost on our ruling class, who directs the media on which agendas to push. The agenda has now shifted from COVID-19 to Russia, and it’s making many wonders “why?” We should acknowledge that the media will always cover important events, such as wars, but what’s peculiar about the way this conflict is being covered is just how one-sided the news is. From CNN to Fox News, the message is clear: Russia is evil; Putin must go! The claims also include Russia committing war crimes, chemically gassing citizens, and killing innocent women and children. There’s no mention of Ukrainian human rights violations, such as reports of women and children being armed to fight against the trained and well-equipt Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Despite these facts, our media has chosen to ignore these immoral acts. 

As admirable as the nationalist spirit is in these women and teenagers who are willing to fight and die for their nation, we must acknowledge that what the Ukrainian government is doing is immoral. Here is yet another example of a government based on liberalism that views men, women, and now even young teens as exactly the same. From a Traditionalist perspective, we acknowledge that men, women, and children are different groups and serve different and unique roles in society that should not overlap. We believe that men are warriors, leaders, and providers; those who build and shape civilization then fight to defend it. We view women as the nurturers and caregivers in society; those who breathe life into our nation then raise that life with the utmost care. However, in a liberalistic society, gender roles are seen as archaic and outdated, which is why we can see female soldiers being blown to bits on the Ukrainian front fighting for men’s rights to watch internet pornography and play video games. It’s shameful. 

I pray that America is not dragged into this conflict. However, the media seems to be pushing strongly for that to become a reality. With more erroneous claims made against Russia, it’s worrying that the American public may buy into liberalistic propaganda. It wouldn’t be the first time Americans have been misled into war by the media and NGOs; take, for example, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” or Bashar Al-Assad’s “chemical weapons.” I also pray that this conflict draws to a conclusion soon. We have already seen too much loss of European life in the last century. However, with the media beating the drums of war, and attempting to make Putin look like a disease infecting Europe, it’s hard to say how the world will react. 

Authored by: AJ Willms