Response to Media Matters

Media Matters for America originally published an article titled “A short history of Turning Point USA’s racism” back in May of 2019. This article was updated in September of 2022. In the article, the author claims now that: “[former NT activist] Jack Andersson runs the TPUSA chapter at UW Madison, as well as a white nationalist organization called National Traditionalism with AJ Willms, another Christian nationalist.”

In this article, Cristina López, along with the two “research contributions,” Alex Kaplan and John Knefel, failed to define the terms “white nationalist” and “Christian nationalist.” However, it is clear the article is attempting to negatively portray National Traditionalism. 

Worse, the author of this piece and the organization of Media Matters failed to do their due diligence in reaching out to National Traditionalism or AJ Willms. This shows a clear lack of standards and ethics at Media Matters. What was the link/evidence Media Matters has for their statement? Did they quote from our website? National Traditionalism’s views have been public and open since its conception. Anybody can freely read our beliefs and what we advocate for. 

Media Matters did not link to the National Tradition website. They instead, for their evidence, linked a tweet by a self-proclaimed “Research analyst” (Twitter user) by the name/alias of Ben Lorber. Mr. Lorber has a reputation for smearing and attacking Conservative college students who promote the interests and traditions of the American people. Mr. Lorber’s tweet that was sourced by Media Matters consisted of screenshots with common sense statements and logic, the first one showing “Nationalism > Globalism ” along with a photo of AJ Willms and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It seems that Media Matters thinks that putting one’s own neighbors and countrymen first above globalist interests is something that is negative. This says a lot about Media Matters, Mr. Lorber, and their values. 

Media Matters has, once again, shown a transparent lack of professionalism, ethics, honesty, and basic standards for journalism. Media Matters is an organization that attempts to negatively portray and slander those of us who are willing to stand up for the United States of America, our values, our traditions, our people, and our history. 

Media Matters, on their “about us” page, claims: “Media Matters for America is a web-based, not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

It appears that Media Matters needs someone to correct its processes and standards. They have been ruthlessly slandering and attacking many Americans standing up for their country over the past few decades and have been extremely unethical and unprofessional. 

Not only this, Media Matters, in their evidence for TPUSA being “racist,” use at least a dozen so-called examples of people taking pictures with other people, Instagram pictures, Twitter pictures, social media likes, and other inconsequential and trivial items to paint a negative picture of anyone who stands up for the United States of America and our traditional values. 

If this is the bar for “evidence” and “journalism,” our societal standards are lower than ever. It is sad that “monitoring” includes scrolling through thousands of social media images and posts, desperately attempting to find anything that can be taken out of context that can push forward a liberal agenda. 

This demonstrates how low Media Matters and other organizations will go in their attempts to slander those of us that stand for what is righteous. We urge those reading this who are not familiar with our platform to go to to learn about our beliefs and combat the negative attacks and slander on us. 

We stand firm in our beliefs, values, and positions, regardless of what any corporation, NGO, or self-proclaimed “journalist” or “research analyst” proclaims.


Authored by: Jerry Lannister