The Destruction of our Culture

It’s no secret that our culture has been under attack; many people acknowledge that it’s happening, but few ask the question, “why?” A culture is a way of life, the beliefs, religious practices, morals, art, music, food, and language of a specific group of people. Culture is a unifier; it unites people under a common history and purpose and serves as the spirit of a nation. If you destroy it, then there will be nothing to hold these people together. They will be divided in all aspects, including language barriers, worship of fringe gods and cults, which in turn, decay the moral norms of people. 

They are no longer one group of many but many groups of one. Why is this an issue? Consider there are two groups of four people. “Group 1” is the same in every way. They all speak the same language, have the same norms, and worship the same God, while “Group 2” is divided on all issues. Which team do you think will be the best to accomplish a task? “Group 1” who is united together under one flag, or “Group 2” who is divided and separated with four different flags? I believe the answer is obvious and reaffirms the question asked at the beginning. The reason there is a deliberate attack on us from our enemies is because they would not be able to overpower us while we are united as a collective. They have purposely been destroying, perverting, and disintegrating our culture that’s been built up and passed down to us by our ancestors for generations. They’ve purposely inserted and elevated other cultures to shadow our own. We must, as a collective, fight against this blatant attack on our culture. 

If we desire to fix America, we must first reinstate our culture. How can we work to reinstate our culture? By practicing it, here are a few ways:

  1. Go to church! The pilgrims that came to America brought with them their Christian European Culture. In that time and up until about one hundred years ago, people valued things such as modesty, abstinence, and a strong marriage. As the influence of God has decreased, things such as promiscuity, divorce, and homosexuality, among other issues, have taken root. From Christianity, we derive our morals and all knowledge of right and wrong. It is of no surprise that God is being removed from this country and Christianity pacified. 
  2. Dress well! Modesty and looking presentable can be uncommon in today’s society. Dressing well improves your self-confidence and makes you feel better in general. The way you present yourself says a lot about you, so in a world of rampant promiscuity and laziness, dress modestly and appropriately. 
  3. Speak out against the open acceptance of homosexuality, abortion, and transgenderism. Yes, we are commanded to love in caring for their soul, but we don’t have to accept their sin and way of life. All three of these things are abominations and go against the natural order that God has made. 
  4. Get married and have a family! This one is important to reinstating and saving our culture. The nuclear family is under constant attack, which is because it is the building block of society. A stable family makes a stable community which makes a stable society. God said in (Genesis 1:28) to be fruitful and multiply, have many children, and teach them the importance of culture. 
  5. If you are an artist or a musician, use your gift to make masterpieces. Today’s contemporary art is just trash; a quick google search will prove it. Our music is filled with degeneracy and seems to always focus on subjects such as sex, drugs, divorce, etcetera. Bring beauty back to art and music. If politics is downstream of culture, we should start reaching out and spreading our message locally in our communities. I firmly believe that through local change, we may bring national change.

Authored by: Calder Smith