Trad Life

Traditionalism - A Lifestyle, not an Idea

We can all recite, like poetry, why conservatism makes sense in governance, and many conservatives are happy to debate their beliefs against the opposition. However, are we fulfilling our lives in a truly conservative or traditional nature? Are we doing everything we can to make sure our Globalist elite do not get their way, do not outsmart us? It is not so clear.

In the United States, there are not many political organizations or movements that share the beliefs of National Traditionalism in believing traditionalism should be put into practice in the form of Christianity, as intended. Look at some of the “far-right ” organizations you’re aware of, the enemy will link you with these groups whether you like it or not, is that satisfactory to you? Some organizations make big efforts to gather activism, whether it be about the 2020 stolen election or abortion legislation, but some organizations are promoting activities that go against Conservativism such as binge-watching anime or playing video games. The people behind these “entertainments” feed those who they’re meant to be against.

The younger audience who might be reading this could wonder, “why go after video games?” These young people are not to be blamed; it’s not their fault that some of them learned to fluently navigate a gaming console before they could ride a bicycle. Our enemies love when we play with the newest skin for Fortnite, but why? It’s a distraction from reality, your eyes are glued to the screen and the young man won’t learn any of the smallest lessons such as falling off a bike. It is a reality we must face, not hide from, that we are weaker mentally and physically than the ancestors that came before us.

Our ancestors spent their days working on their farms or caring for their children when they weren’t at war fighting for their people and nation, where they didn’t have time to watch an episode of Friends or even watched the latest e-celebrity debate on fraudulent vaccines. What we believe now, came naturally to the people before us and so there is no use in engaging in debate when you could be exercising, reading, or caring for your children.

The consensus that must be established is that your Walmart, your Bank of America, and your “trustworthy” Fox News are all in this fight one way or another to make sure you do not revert to a better traditional life. These companies do not want you to be married in your twenties, have more than 5 children, and become independent from these giant corporations.

Now, we’re aware of the assault on traditional lifestyle, but what is a “trad” lifestyle? One major component is respecting and honoring the traditional gender roles in a marriage where the man’s role is to be the breadwinner and protect whilst the woman’s role is to birth and nurture. This is one of the biggest problems the elites have with traditionalism, that we advocate for only fathers to work whilst mothers are homemakers. In the eyes of our parasitic globalists, they could be doubling the workforce by forcing mothers into the workforce; thereby cutting the cost of labor in half to maximize their profits.

There could be many of you who are reading who might not have any children nor are in any form of relationship with a woman. There is nothing to be down about and the growth of a man isn’t about being sorry for oneself. As a single man, it is important before making the commitment of marriage or having children that a man is skilled in his mental and physical capabilities. Training as a man physically, mentally, and spiritually, comes in the form of working out, reading philosophy that makes you lead a better life, and going to your local Church and listening to your religious leader. These three elements will make you well-rounded a man and then able to be able to pass it on to his sons, this is how legacies begin.

For those on the right, who are looking to recruit more members or convince women to return to tradition, there is an obsession over “redpilling” where they show someone our reality and thus return to a more conservative life. The reality is that most people don’t have time to listen to you explain the philosophy behind why homosexuality or multiculturalism is a danger. What you must do, what you must become, is the redpill so that you don’t have to explain why something is healthy, your physical and mental capacity demonstrate it. The masses will see, some will be jealous, how physically, mentally, and spiritually stable you are and be in awe. This is the best method of winning for Traditionalism.

Authored by: Owen Flanagan