Yelp Abortion

Yelp Pushes Abortions on Employees

Under the guise of “women’s rights” and “reproductive health”, Yelp has announced that employees and their dependents will be able to have travel expenses for out-of-state abortions covered by the company. The company has previously provided insurance that pays for abortion for all their employees. However, the San Francisco-based company, engulfed with their pro-abortion rhetoric, has decided to take things a step further by compensating employees’ travel expenses for those seeking abortions. 

Silicon Valley already promotes the sacrificial and horrific practice of abortion, with Yelp joining a host of companies such as Apple by joining in subsidizing abortion travel costs for the sake of workplace productivity. Perhaps the most sickening part of the new policy is how the CEO decided to enact it. CEO Jeremy Stoppelman made note after watching an episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” where Oliver explains that many Christain pregnancy crisis care centers offer alternatives to abortion such as adoption, charity funds, employment opportunities, clothing, housing, and other necessities for expecting mothers. Stoppelman, being outraged by this, decided to manually review over 2,000 abortion clinics and crisis pregnancy care centers to confirm none of them were like the ones mentioned in Oliver’s monologue. Stoppelman and his company wanted to ensure that any facilities they were comping travel to were willing and able to perform abortions without exception. 

Stoppelman, a Harvard graduate and avid supporter of affordable housing, has accumulated at least $200 million since founding Yelp in 2004. He has made known his opposition to heartbeat bills, such as the one passed in Texas.

This new policy comes in the wake of anti-abortion legislation across the country. With a chance to overturn Roe v. Wade this year, Republicans are making the most of their majorities in state government by restricting access to abortion. According to National Right to Life, over 60 million American babies have been killed via abortion since 1973. Just think of all those people that only briefly were able to experience the miracle of life before our sick secular society stole that gift from them.

With a lack of an informed Christian conscience, Yelp has aggressively pushed for abortion in the past. Donations from Yelp to multiple abortionist organizations have been uncovered, including to Planned Parenthood. These vulgar organizations undermine the very essence of what it means to be human. They reject the sanctity of life and manipulate their employees into killing their own children for the sake of increasing workplace productivity.

Authored by: Jack Andersson